Adult Vision Exam Testimonials

Our vision exams are unique. We schedule 2 hours for each patient, to provide time to complete all the necessary tests and discuss the results with the families. The full exam time is spent face-to-face with Dr. Gabrielle as we don’t utilize technicians. On this page, our patients kindly share their thoughts on their GFVC vision exam. (Would you like to add your comments here? Send us your feedback)

I have never had a more complete exam than I received at this clinic! I had been misdiagnosed by “The #1 Clinic” in Bellevue causing me to waste time and money to erase the misdiagnosis. Dr. Gabrielle knew INSTANTLY what my issues were and correctly evaluated not only my vision needs but my muscular weakness and the exercises to correct it! I can never thank you enough!!!

Gi H., Kirkland

I was the third person in my family to see Neena. She did wonders evaluating and changing prescriptions for my wife and daughter.

Since I have a condition that clouds, obscure, and blocks my ability to see from my left eye, I have considered myself “blind” for many years. Neena actually exposed the fact that my brain is still trying to use the bad eye and I was stunned (with a little coaching from Neena) how much my eye decided to participate in the appointment. I have waited years and years to find someone who could tell me what I was seeing (or not seeing). I have visited Ophthalmologists’ who only evaluated what I saw, not what I didn’t see.

I am a massive skeptic and don’t believe in any benefit from “therapy” unless I “see it with my own eyes”. I’m thrilled with my new understanding and can’t wait to start my journey to a clear vision.

Terry C, Kirkland

I recently had an eye exam with Dr. Gabrielle. I received the most comprehensive exam I’ve ever had. In a world where many doctors rush you in and out and hardly establish eye contact this was a refreshing change.

I had been unhappy with my previous prescription and was always taking my glasses off. When I explained this problem to Dr. Gabrielle she gave me extra time to walk around with a pair of trial lenses so that I could experience what the lenses would feel like. She also explained why I was dissatisfied before because of my eye-teaming challenges. My previous lenses were clear but pulled too much on my eyes.

I highly recommend Dr. Gabrielle for a pleasant and comprehensive exam. You won’t be disappointed!


Dr. Neena is wonderful. She was able to get a full exam on the first try with my special needs son when others have failed in 3 appointments! She has a special way with kiddos and I really appreciate her “don’t give up” attitude.

Terry B, Marysville

The exam was the most thorough I have ever received in the 50-plus years I have been seeing eye care professionals. The Doctor was informative and open to my own health choices regarding my vision. I feel very confident that I have finally achieved a baseline from which I can work towards a better vision or at least maintain my present vision status

Rita C, Seattle

Dr. Gabrielle, as always, was very explicit with the results of the evaluation, telling us what could have affected these results in a positive and negative way. Also, she gave us some options about how to improve the results for next time.

Rosaura, S, Redmond

Dr. Gabrielle cares not only about the whole patient – going beyond vision and eyes – she cares about the whole family.I continue to be touched and amazed by the quality time she spends with our family on each visit.

L.M., Bellevue

My time at Gabrielle Family Vision Care was very nice. Dr. Gabrielle is always very nice and understanding. I always feel happy when I leave. I feel like I’m getting really good vision care at Gabrielle Family Vision Care. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much!

M.S., 12.5 YO patient, Kenmore

I had an eye exam with Dr. Gabrielle at Gabrielle Family Vision Care and the services I received were more than what I had before in an eye exam at any other place. I used to go to those places where you’d pay a fee and out you went with just a prescription in your hand.

In this case, Dr. Gabrielle wasn’t just there to collect my money and give me a prescription, she was there to treat my needs and do way more than just an eye exam. She listened to what I had issues with, she observed what I was going through, and she was there as a friend to consult. She truly cares for her patients one at a time and at her own pace. I never felt rushed or felt it was an “in and out” service at all.

I would highly recommend this clinic to someone to deserves the best service in the Eastside. Thank You Dr. Gabrielle for not just being a Dr. but someone who also can listen to their patients and their needs.

J.A., Renton

I have myopia (nearsightedness). I have been going to the eye doctor since 5th grade. I’ve always gone to the quick, cheap, easy eye exam.

But last year I saw Dr. Gabrielle. Her eye exam is completely different from what I experienced at other offices. Other offices did a 15-minute exam; Dr. Gabrielle spent 2 hours with me. She performed many tests that other doctors did not. She asked lots of questions and made sure I was comfortable.

In the end, she confirmed myopia and adjusted my prescription to the correct strength, and also went over other findings with me. If I weren’t moving out of state this summer, my daughter and I would continue to see Dr. Gabrielle. I recommend her to others!

M.B., Everett WA

Dr. Gabrielle’s kindness and compassion for her patients is so refreshing. With her loving approach, she is able to accomplish so much more with our daughter than other doctors have.

An appreciative Mom, Redmond

I am delighted with the personalized and professional vision care I receive from Dr. Gabrielle. I have told others about my positive experiences at the Gabrielle Family Vision Care Center.

Carol Y, Shoreline

Excellent, thanks so much! It’s always a pleasure to bring my son to see Dr. Gabrielle. I really appreciate that she is very gentle and fun when working with him, and I also appreciate how understanding she is about what parents are going through. Thanks again!

Angie H, Seattle

Very friendly & professional.

Rhea V., Bothell

My son Kelly is an adult male with developmental disabilities and cerebral palsy. Dr. Gabrielle was recommended by a friend whose sister is also DD and nonverbal, so I was hopeful that the doctor could also figure out how to evaluate Kelly. He doesn’t enjoy exams and really didn’t want to be there! – but she did a great job through patience and creativity. She reinforced his successes so he was much more inclined to continue, and seemed to know just when to push a bit and continue, and when to back off. She did indeed get a good evaluation. I felt she was very respectful of him, and did her best to understand him as an individual in order to gain his trust and do the exam. She was remarkable. She also spent a good amount of time explaining her results and their significance to me.

Sue W (for Kelly W), Redmond

Best eye examination ever! Dr. Gabrielle performed a very thorough examination and took her time discussing the results. I am very happy that I found the right doctor for my son’s problem. I would highly recommend her.

Cristiana A., Redmond

Dr. Gabrielle really takes time to talk things over with us and I so appreciate not feeling rushed with my questions. She is also very good and encouraging with our child.

Stephanie S., North Bend

Our girls truly love coming to their eye appointments. Regardless of where they are you help them feel good about their experience. Before coming recently, the girls said – “hey when are we going to have our next vision appointment — it’s been too long”. Can’t have a better endorsement than that!

Kathy B., Sammamish

Great as usual!!! We always recommend you guys!

Olivia L., Kirkland

We had a very nice visit with Dr. Gabrielle. She spent a lot of time with us and was very thorough in describing what she was doing and was very helpful when answering questions.

Jenny T., Bellevue

Wonderful!! Extremely thorough and very comprehensive. Interpreted my exam to me in a way I fully understood.

Judy H., Bothell

We had a great experience. It was worth the drive from Tumwater:o) The most thorough eye exam I have ever seen!

Jo H., Tumwater

Dr. Gabrielle is fantastic. She really listens and helps you understand your child. She is holistic and looks at the big picture for how your child’s vision plays a role in many different scenarios. She is great with my son. She is positive and relates well. We have had great results.

Susan P., Kirkland

Absolutely wonderful from my initial phone call, follow-up call, and entire office visit. We could not have been more pleased. You are a blessing to our family. I would unreservedly recommend Dr. Gabrielle and her staff.

Kristi L., Renton

Neena is truly understanding of the whole person and the family dynamic of care that goes into providing the best for our children. She is talented, understanding, and wonderful with kids and parents!

Christine C., Bellevue

Everyone at the clinic is friendly and helpful. Dr. Gabrielle is very thorough in her examinations, answers all my questions, and is always positive and hopeful. I have great confidence in her and in my therapist.

Maureen M., Tacoma

Never been to another vision clinic but I can’t imagine a better one! Dr. Gabrielle was very patient and did not feel rushed. Very nurturing.

Claire, Seattle

The opportunity to have a post-exam discussion with Dr. Gabrielle regarding my granddaughter’s exam results and options available to her…GREAT VISIT!!

Eloise, Kirkland

You are so friendly and helpful and take the time to explain things.

M.R., Mercer Island

Very courteous and professional. Flexible, too.

Arcina A.

We love our time with you and feel very cared for!!!

Olivia O., Bothell

  1. Clear communication, very understandable.

  2. More extensive exam

  3. Highly educated specialized doctor

  4. Finally good answers/solutions!

Jenny B., Sammamish

I thought Dr. Gabrielle was great with explaining everything she was doing to both me and my son. She sat with you and explained her diagnosis. Feel good about the exam and recommendations. Thank you!

Max S., Medina

I have told many people about Dr. Gabrielle in the 4 months since I first saw her. She is what all optometrists should be! She is totally focused on the patient, extremely thorough, very kind, understanding, and patient, and has a great sense of humor.

She does a lot of tests to completely check the eyes and how they are teaming with the brain and each other, and then explains everything she is seeing. The office staff are very nice and helpful and everyone in the office has been so welcoming each time I’ve visited. This office and Dr. Gabrielle are what I wish I had found many years ago, and I couldn’t find a better place to go for my exams, prescriptions, and contact lenses!

Susan N., Snohomish

It was an amazingly thorough session. Dr. Gabrielle was kind and sensitive and her approach, to my daughter, was wonderful. It was a very positive and reassuring visit. Thank you!

Sue McB., Sammamish

Family-friendly, professional, and knowledgeable, understanding of children, attentive to patient descriptions and parent concerns, aware of whole body health and sensory relationship to vision and brain development.

Genevieve B., Milton

Excellent patient care. Dr. Gabrielle is competent and very cautious.

Ana H., Woodinville

A very thorough and comprehensive evaluation. Follow-through from visit to visit is excellent and all aspects of the evaluation are explained well. Every member of staff is welcoming and committed to providing an excellent experience. Very responsive office and we would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Liza M., Bellevue

Even though it had been 7 years since I’d seen Dr. Gabrielle, I felt as if the time hadn’t passed. I appreciate how she listened to what I was saying, and not only did a thorough vision exam but gave valuable insights into other areas of general health. I look forward to my next visit.

Amy C., Bow

My experience with Dr. Gabrielle was great. She took the time to go through everything thoroughly and thoughtfully. I am looking forward to working with Dr. Gabrielle and her staff in the future.

Mark M., Redmond

We love Gabrielle Family Vision Care! Everyone is always so polite and kind. Dr. Gabrielle always takes time to visit and catch up with us as she works through the exam at my comfort level! She is wonderful and very thorough! It was an excellent visit from beginning to end. I recommend her to everyone. Thank you.

Malia T., Kirkland

Dr. Gabrielle gave me such a thorough examination. She took so much time with me and seems genuinely concerned about my health issues. I left feeling my progress is important to her and I felt supported and encouraged.


Maureen M., Tacoma

Excellent communication. Excellent front office staff. Excellent doctor.


Brett S., Bothell

Who would have guessed that I would say I had a good time at my eye exam appt? Dr. Gabrielle is a breath of fresh air in the medical world.

I also had the most thorough exam I have ever had. I appreciate knowing that all the bases were covered.

Jan J., Redmond

We appreciated the thoroughness of Dr. Gabrielle’s evaluations and her conversations with us afterward. Both Dr. Gabrielle and her therapists listened to our lifestyles and offered simple, concrete suggestions on how to work daily eye therapy into our very busy school lives. Our son would not have the opportunities in education today without his vision therapy. Vision therapy has given us hope!

Susan B., Kirkland

My experience was wonderful. Dr. Gabrielle was extremely helpful with other referrals, and suggestions to help with my daughter. Her bedside manner and efficiency were appreciated. I would recommend it to a friend and other professionals, who already did so. I would like to vision awareness for kids. Pediatricians should be recommending this. Very impressed.

Heather L., Monroe

Our experience has shown that Dr. Gabrielle really cares about her patients. She is thorough, kind and supportive. I highly recommend her.

Kristen R., Kirkland

We really had an excellent experience at Dr. Gabrielle’s clinic. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Gabrielle is very thorough with my son’s check-up. She spent the full two hours checking his eyes. She even gave good advice and was very patient. Dr. Gabrielle also called the glass shop where my son needed his prescription changed and explained to them the reason. She even followed up on us to see if we had any problems with the glass shop.

Maneerat T., Bothell

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