Vision Therapy and Comprehensive Eye Care Services In Kirkland, WA

Gabrielle Family Vision Care offers vision care for children and adults. We are located in Kirkland, near highway 405. We specialize in five areas of service.

​​​​​​​Children & Teen Eye Exams

The AOA recommends infants receive their first eye exam by 6-12 months old, then again at 2-3 years old, and then every 1-2 years thereafter. It’s important to diagnose and treat visual conditions early to ensure proper visual development and prevent vision loss due to eye disease or hereditary factors. Pediatric exams often require more patience and creativity, and Dr. Gabrielle enjoys making the exam fun while obtaining all the necessary results. Our aim is to make the visit productive and stress-free for both the child and the parents.


​​​​​​​Adult Eye Exams and Vision Care

We're dedicated to providing your entire family with a comprehensive range of vision care services. From conducting thorough annual eye exams and crafting accurate prescriptions for glasses, computer glasses, and contact lenses, to offering essential medical consultations like prescribing medications for eye infections, performing diabetic exams, and providing co-management for LASIK and cataract surgery. Additionally, we're excited to offer specialized vision therapy to enhance your visual well-being.


​​​​​​​Vision Therapy

Dr. Gabrielle specializes in vision therapy, which is effective in the treatment of physiological, neuromuscular and perceptual dysfunctions of the vision system. Vision therapy addresses many problems related to learning and behavior. We work with patients with special needs (eg. autism, ADHD, non-verbal patients) and those affected by traumatic brain injury (eg. patients who have had a stroke or head injury).


​​​​​​​Patients with Special Needs

Patients with autism, ADHD, traumatic brain injury, and other special needs require a special approach. They are often overwhelmed, apprehensive, and exhibit unusual behaviors. Our clinic schedules 2-hour exams so there is time to make the patient feel comfortable. This entire time is spent face-to-face with the doctor as we do not utilize technicians during the exam. We regularly work with patients with special needs and have developed a special approach to build rapport, help them feel comfortable, and even start to enjoy themselves.


​​​​​​​Vision Rehabilitation for Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Living with TBI can be a challenging experience, both for the person with the injury and their loved ones. But with appropriate treatment and support, people with these conditions can lead fulfilling lives. It is vital to follow the treatment plan given by your vision therapy specialist.