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About Gabrielle Family Vision Care

Our clinic provides vision care to patients of all ages, with a special emphasis on children, patients with special needs, traumatic brain injury, and the elderly. Children, for instance, can become impatient quickly, and our clinic has developed over the years a special approach for keeping children interested, happy, and attentive. We aim to make the visit productive and stress-free for both the child and the parents.

About Us

Similarly, patients who have had a traumatic brain injury (eg. car accident, stroke, brain trauma, etc) and elderly persons require more patience and rapport to have a productive visit. Our doctors have a highly personable approach that makes their patients feel comfortable, and that leads to an enjoyable and productive exam.

Many of our patients need extended time, and we schedule longer visits compared to other clinics. For a complete eye exam, we schedule 2 hours for each patient, to give time to do all of the necessary testing and ensure there is time to discuss your test results and answer all your questions.  The entire time is spent face-to-face with the doctor as we don’t use technicians during the exam.

Vision therapy is a specialized form of eye care, which involves fun activities to stimulate and integrate vision, the body and how the brain processes information coming from all the senses. Vision therapy is useful for helping patients with symptoms such as eyestrain, poor attention span, double vision, and losing place while reading.