Staff Testimonials

On this page, some of our staff kindly share their stories of how working at Gabrielle Vision made a difference in their lives.

Dr. Gabrielle is very professional but always warm and friendly. She works great with all kinds of patients. These patients include crying babies, acquired brain injuries, the bouncy child and seniors. Dr. Gabrielle always makes the exam or office visit fun and informative. She looks at the whole picture beyond eye health, acuity, eye teaming and focusing. Dr. Gabrielle asks about how the child or adult functions with daily living activities. At the clinic there's a sense of can do both for the patient and employee. The clinic is a place of gratefulness and positivity. We are grateful for each other and the wonderful patients that are a benefit to us and their families. Another benefit at Gabrielle Family Vision Care is the extend time that is built in each week to discuss any concerns and strategies to help with patient care.

Gabrielle Family Vision Clinic is a place where you will always feel comfortable, valued, and cared for. Our wonderful team of doctors and vision therapist make each visit personalized and positive for each patient. The work environment is very motivating and inspiring. I love being able to surround myself with amazing co workers who make me a better therapist! Lastly, my favorite part about working at GFVC is creating impactful relationships with patients! I am very grateful to work for GFVC!

I have worked for Gabrielle Family Vision care as a vision therapist got over 7 years. he standard of care we bring to our patients is beyond any care I have experienced or known about with the field of optometry and vision therapy. Our doctors view each case holistically, seeing all the factors affecting vision. This creates the bigger picture of who the patient is and how their vision affects them daily. We nurture the personal relationship between the patient, therapist, and doctor. We bend to our patient's specific needs in order to help them be successful in vision therapy and improve their quality of life. We think outside the box, we don't just do activities, we elevate the activities and individualize them for you. I have worked with hundreds of patients and have a passion for encouraging them through what is hard and showing them all the accomplishments, they can achieve. I thank each patient for sharing their vision journey with me.

I love the incredible carethat we give to our amazing patients from all over the Northwest and Hawaii. Our doctors are warm, loving and really care for each and every patient and all of our awesome staff, too. Always striving to give the utmost care to each and every one that comes into the clinic and it shows by how cheerful and inviting it is. I love that. You will find a I did that the doctor's extensive training is apparent when you have an exam with them because they have spent far more face-to-face time with each patient than any other clinic that I have gone to or worked at. I love that. We get to know our incredible patients very well, because a big majority of them have been coming for many years, and another important thing to know is that we never turn down new patients because we are always happy to add to the GFVC family! I love that, too!

Cindy Sabin

My title at Gabrielle Family Vision Care is Patient Care Coordinator at the front desk and this June 2023 makes 13 years of employment!

First of all, it has been an honor and privilege to be part of the GFVC team these many years as I've witnessed so many patients and their families having benefitted from the unique and unprecedented care this clinic provides.

Dr. Gabrielle is a true inspiration for what you want a doctor to be! They are committed to your concerns, passionate for providing you with deserved care, and go above and beyond with their expertise and skills necessary to diagnose and recommend accurate treatment.

I have to say that working at GFVC is not just a job but a special place that promotes forward thinking, a positive mindset and culture. It's truly rewarding to see parents and patients come out of the exam room after their evaluations looking so relieved and actually expressing that they finally found a provider that understands their concerns, that actually evaluated their special needs child and spent the time to answer their questions! And, I can honestly say that I've seen so many patients improve their vision and their livelihood by partaking in the unique vision therapy program we offer.

The staff are all wonderful people and come to work with very caring hearts. I've never been around a more diverse, educated, passionate group of co-workers that are very engaged in their jobs while also knowing how to have fun!

Employee of GFVC - Patient Care Coordinator

Gabrielle Family Vision Care is THE BEST place to work and Dr. Gabrielle is hands down the best boss I’ve ever had. When I first interviewed with Dr. Gabrielle for the receptionist position in 2008, Dr. Gabrielle and I had an instant connection and I knew this was the right place for me. I worked for her for around 2 and a half years, and I only wish it had been longer! (I unfortunately had to move out of state) I’ve always said if I ever had the opportunity to go back, I absolutely would! She is the kindest, most caring, and involved boss I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around. She is not justa boss, but also a friend! There are several wonderful employees I worked with back then who are still there to this day, and the person who took over my position stayed for another 13 years before retiring. Dr. Gabrielle’s clinic started out very small, but she was determined to make it grow and now she has another optometrist and several vision therapists and a larger office to accommodate the growth. She hires the best people because she knows how to recognize the best qualities in a potential team member. She listens to everything everyone has to say, she treats everyone with respect, and she asks if there is anything she can do if she notices you’re having a rough day. As an optometrist, she is extremely patient with everyone she sees. She has a gentle way with kids, and she can put just about anyone at ease. She is smart, she has a wonderful sense of humor, and she is down-to-earth. She strives to make sure everyone receives the best care, not just her patients but her staff too. She performs incredibly thorough examinations and produces even more thorough reports and treatment plans. Many patients came to the clinic several times a week for vision therapy and they were always so excited to see Dr. Gabrielle, even if she wasn’t their vision therapist.

Working at Dr. Gabrielle’s clinic was more like being a part of a HUGE family. Staff and patients were both treated as such, and it was one of the best working experiences I’ve ever had! 10/10 recommend!

Employee of GFVC - Patient Care Coordinator

I just started with GFVC and I am really enjoying working with both doctors as they are kind, caring, and loving with each patient. It is so great the amount of care each patient receives. Also, the training is exceptional for all staff. It is great to see how patients progress with understanding VT, how kids engage the process because we make it fun and how we help them invest in themselves. I think it is amazing the bond that the patient develops with their Vision Therapist.

"I joined GFVC during a rough patch of my life. I have never met someone so compassionate and understanding like Dr. Gabrielle. I always feel appreciated and loved and can see a sense of loyalty that other members and patients have for her. She is not only your provider, or team member, she will make you feel like family.

Every day is always filled with excitement and learning opportunities. My favorite thing about working at GFVC is the incredible opportunity provided to me for growth advancement. Dr. Gabrielle can see my potential and has always encouraged me to keep pushing and has trusted me with increased responsibility, allowing me to tackle my own tasks and projects.

I have been with GFVC for a long time and have had tremendous personal and professional growth."

There is no other clinic like Gabrielle Family Vision Care! Dr. Gabrielle and the entire team strive to go above and beyond to care for all their patients. They show true compassion and are committed to providing exceptional eye care.

Gabrielle Family Vision Care has a wonderfully positive and playful energy. The staff, therapists and doctors are all warm and friendly creating the perfect place for young kids to get their eyes checked.

Everyday I am excited to come to work at Gabrielle Family Vision Care. From interacting with the amazing patients and staff to helping children and adults develop their best vision, my days are filled with warmth and happiness.

- Employee of GFVC - associate optometrist

Working for Gabrielle Family Vision Care has been a great career move for me. It has allowed me to use my former job experiences and skills in various fields and combine them into one job.
Dr. Gabrielle is as compassionate about her employees as she is with her patients. I have been supported in ways that go above and beyond what an employer would be expected to do. I am not just an employee to Dr. Gabrielle.
It is nice to work with other employees who are just as passionate for their jobs and supportive in all aspects of the job.
It is easy to come to work everyday with such a positive work environment with wonderful patients and deliver a high quality of care.

-Employee of GFVC - Vision Therapist

Dr. Gabrielle is an amazing employer! She provides wonderful communication and is clear about her expectations so I can excel in my career. Dr. Gabrielle meets one-on-one with each of her employees to offer support and expertise about each patient’s case. Because Dr. Gabrielle is so encouraging and supportive my teammates here are content and a pleasure to work with.

What is so unique about Gabrielle Family Vision Care is that the doctors allow so much time during their appointments with patients and provide such a high quality of care. Most opticians have 10-minute appointments with patients, but the doctors here allow up to 2 hours so they can thoroughly assess the patient and screen for so many potential underlying conditions. I love being a part of a team that is helping to change people’s lives.

-Employee or GFVC - Vision Therapist

I was trained and employed by Dr Neena Gabrielle at Gabrielle Family Vision Care. I would like to take time to share reasons why working for this clinic was such an amazing experience!

Dr Gabrielle has an amazing way of seeing your heart and gifts, imparting knowledge and patience while empowering you to be your best and share your gifts at the clinic.
It was a steep learning curve for me as I had never been exposed or trained in Vision Therapy. Dr Gabrielle provided training both in the clinic and at seminars. She saw in me what I did not realize I could be…smart, gifted and important to her vision of the clinic. I eventually saw these things in me and thrived.

Dr Gabrielle encouraged many ways to improve not only ourselves but also creating tools for each individual. Most clinics I have seen have limited VT tools in their toolbox. We were encouraged to create a plan that fit our patients diagnoses, likes and abilities.

At this clinic the heart of the patient, families and coworkers is a top priority!

-Employee of GFVC - Vision Therapist

I loved working at Gabrielle Family Vision Care because the model of care Dr. Gabrielle has developed allowed me to give each patient theundivided and individual attention they need and deserve. The team at Gabrielle Family Care is like family and it shows in their supportive interactions with each other and in the outstanding care they provide everyone who walks through the door. I can not imagine a more welcoming place to work and serve patients.--

-Employee at GFVC - associate optometrist

At GFVC, I felt cared for as a person and empowered to use my talents and abilities to help others. At Dr. Gabrielle's office, respect is a core value, and it is integrated into every aspect of the clinic. As an employee, I always felt respected and there were open lines of communication between everyone working in the clinic. It was a privilege to work for an office in which people are valued over profit and the whole team works hard to provide the highest possible quality of care. My life was enriched by supportive and friendly interactions with my colleagues, and dynamic interactions with wonderful patients of different ages and backgrounds.

Dr. Gabrielle has amazing gifts in working with patients with diverse needs, and she provided top-quality care to my 14 month old daughter who was diagnosed with hyperopia, amblyopia and esotropia. Through the care at GFVC, my daughter made excellent progress with her visual skills. Through her time in vision therapy and the caring and engaging help of her vision therapists, she developed the prerequisite visual skills for academics before kindergarten and has never struggled in school. She is now finishing third grade at the top of her class. She is a voracious reader (reading high above grade level) and active in athletics.

-GFVC Employee, Vision Therapist