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Our vision exams are unique. We schedule 2 hours for each patient, to provide time to complete all the necessary tests and discuss the results with the families. The full exam time is spent face-to-face with Dr. Gabrielle as we don’t utilize technicians. On this page, our patients kindly share their thoughts on their GFVC vision exam. (Would you like to add your comments here? Send us your feedback)

My experience at Gabrielle Family Vision Care has been wonderful so far! Both Dr. Gabrielle and my therapist are thorough and friendly. I would definitely recommend GFVC to a friend.

Mother of 5YO Vision Therapy Patient, Kirkland

My daughter has been having lazy eye since 1YO and she was seeing an ophthalmologist for 4 years until he recommended surgery. He had never seen my daughter’s eye actually doing unusual movement in his office as the exam was very short, and everything was based on my observations.

I found Dr. Gabrielle online and brought her in to seek a second opinion. Her exam was so much more comprehensive and involved a lot of tests.

Not only Dr. Gabrielle saw my daughter’s eye going sideways, she measured the angle of eye rotation, which was impressive.My daughter enjoys her therapy sessions as they are fun!

Mother of 6 YO Vision Therapy Patient, Bellevue

We came to GFVC due to concerns about our daughter’s visual skills. Dr. Gabrielle carried out a thorough initial assessment and found many aspects of visual skills that my daughter could be helped to improve. Dr. Gabrielle spent a long time answering questions and reassuring us. I knew we were in good hands.

Then we met the most amazing therapist, so patient, kind and thoughtful, so attuned to my daughter. I loved the way that the vision therapist and Dr. Gabrielle worked together to plan activities and homework on a weekly basis. This meant that my daughter got maximum benefit from each session.

My daughter has made enormous progress in one year and will be discharged with regular monitoring to ensure her gains are maintained.

Everyone working at GFVC is caring and efficient, experienced and actually listens to the client! Our drive from Bellevue each week has definitely been worth it and I highly recommend GFVC to everybody.

L.M., Parent of 7 year old girl, Bellevue

I have had so much fun during my 2 years of doing vision therapy. You guys have really made a difference with helping my eyes and my family. I used to have glasses but did not know about my lazy eye. Then I came here and I wear contacts which are a bit easier than glasses to break that is.

My favorite part about coming to vision therapy is your staff’s wonderful greetings, welcoming and also “goodbye see you next week” sayings.

Sometimes I would have a rough morning but then I would come here and never want to leave. My favorite activity would be the lifesaver card because I was angry and I did not like the activity but then you made me try my best and now well…I am an expert at it.

Thank you so much!

S.A., 12 year old patient

Our son adores his therapist and she has made vision therapy fun and engaging for him. As a result we have seen great progress!

L.M., Parent of 7 year old boy, Bellevue

Dr. Gabrielle’s kindness and compassion for her patients is so refreshing. With her loving approach, she is able to accomplish so much more with our daughter than other doctors have.

An appreciative Mom, Redmond

My son Kelly is an adult male with developmental disabilities and cerebral palsy. Dr. Gabrielle was recommended by a friend whose sister is also DD and nonverbal, so I was hopeful that the doctor could also figure out how to evaluate Kelly. He doesn’t enjoy exams and really didn’t want to be there! – but she did a great job through patience and creativity. She reinforced his successes so he was much more inclined to continue, and seemed to know just when to push a bit and continue, and when to back off. She did indeed get a good evaluation. I felt she was very respectful of him, and did her best to understand him as an individual in order to gain his trust and do the exam. She was remarkable. She also spent a good amount of time explaining her results and their significance to me.

Sue W (for Kelly W), Redmond

Our girls truly love coming to their eye appointments. Regardless of where they are you help them feel good about their experience. Before coming recently, the girls said – “hey when are we going to have our next vision appointment — it’s been too long”. Can’t have a better endorsement than that!

Kathy B., Sammamish

We had an amazing experience with Dr. Gabrielle; she took all the time in the world with my 11-year-old son. She is friendly and very knowledgeable.

Nicolette B., Kirkland

Neena is truly understanding of the whole person and the family dynamic of care that goes into providing the best for our children. She is talented, understanding, and wonderful with kids and parents!

Christine C., Bellevue

Dr. Neena Gabrielle is doing a great job with my autistic son.

Sasikala R., Bothell

It was an amazingly thorough session. Dr. Gabrielle was kind and sensitive and her approach, to my daughter, was wonderful. It was a very positive and reassuring visit. Thank you!

Sue McB., Sammamish

Dr. Gabrielle is AMAZING. My son is 4 and she was constantly pulling out all sorts of cool stuff for him to look at and play with – the whole time evaluating his vision. I was really struck by the care and enthusiasm she had for him, and how knowledgeable she is. Fantastic experience all around.

Dorothee G., Seattle

Very professional and thorough. Dr. Gabrielle was great with my son, keeping him engaged during a very long exam, and explaining her findings.

Sunita I., Kirkland

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