Office Closures

Snow Day Policy and Office Closure

Our snow day policy is the following:
*Note: “schools” are based on the schools in the Lake Washington School District

  • If schools are closed due to inclement weather, then our office is also closed.
  • If schools have a late start, our office will open at 9:45 am. All appointments prior to 9:45 am are cancelled - all VT sessions need to be rescheduled (there are no refunds on VT fees
  • If schools have an early release, please contact our clinic at 425-820-2743 to determine if the clinic is open.

*When the office is closed due to severe inclement weather, we are unable fo call
patients as often our internet and phones are down, so please check the websites below
for Lake Washington School Districts:

In case of severe inclement weather while schools ARE in session: (September-June)

  • Go to htips:// If Lake Washington School Districts schools are closed or starting late, you will see a pop-up alert box.
  • Go to https://fwww.flashalert. net/id/LakeWashingtonSD, which lists Lake Washington School District schools all over the Puget Sound area. You can also sign up to receive text alerts or emails from this service.
  • Call Lake Washington School Districts at 425-936-1206 for a recorded message.

“In case of severe inclement weather while Lake Washington School District schools are NOT in session (i.e. winter break) please note:

Check our FB page and or website to have updates if we are open vs closed.

Note: Snow days in WA state often result in the loss of power and loss of internet. Therefore, our clinic will not be able to contact the patients since we cannot access our patient database, email and phone. We advise patients, families and staff to stay home and be safe.

Policy for rescheduling exams and vision therapy on snow days: Because extreme inclement weather is of no fault of the clinic or patient, rescheduling will be offered as soon as our team members can access phone and internet. Note for exams, the 48-hour cancellation fee is waived. Note for VT, flexible makeups are allowed but no refunds due to snow days as per our prepay policy.

​​​​​​​Our goal is to not delay care and to keep all patients on continued progress.

Please stay safe this holiday season. Many blessings to you alll